Consultancy and pop up producing

Emergency troubleshooting and consultancy  for artists and venues

Ever found yourself in need of a pop up producer to help out in a moment of crisis?

“I need… to know where to start with fundraising…. writing a budget…to start/finish this arts council app…. find a venue… a lighting designer…a beatboxer… a 70 year old actress…a cast of thousands… a filmmaker to make a trailer… some unbiased feedback…an obscure prop….an audience….an emergency designer…a supportive chat and a slice of cake/glass of wine…??”

Echo are aware that in the current climate artists and venues are needing additional short term support on limited resources.

Producing isn’t rocket science – but we know its hard to know where to start sometimes or to complete the impossible without a bit of help.

Ros and Gabby offer mentoring, advice, troubleshooting, pop up producing and consultancy at artist friendly rates and are often able to help at short notice.

Current clients include Eclipse Theatre, Belarus Free Theatre, Script Club, Playing ON Liz Richardson, Ryan GageRoot Theatre, Fertility Fest, Toby Peach

Recent mentoring and consultancy includes staff members at the National Theatre, Only Connect, The Bush and for participants on the StepChange programme.

Contact or ros@echopresents for information.

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