Recent audience development work


We love London, but are aware that there is a world out there and its important that our shows get to new regional audiences, and that regional work makes it to London!

Cosmic was toured to community centres and organisations to ensure that it was seen by people who might not normally consider themselves theatre-goers. All audience members were encouraged to take part in free play writing workshops after the show to leave with their story down on paper.  Cosmic was supported by Hull Truck, the Larkin25 Arts Award and the Neil Hudgell Foundation.

Bird is a site-specific show which toured to non-traditional spaces: a dressing-room in Derby; a gallery space in Nottingham, and a warehouse in Peckham creating a visceral theatrical experience to a diverse audience of people who have previous experience of theatre and people for whom it is their first time.


American Justice was an opportunity to discuss big themes of restorative justice with a diverse audience.

Through generous donations and a portion of the tickets being set aside for young people, ECHO issued hundreds of tickets across the run to people who may not have had the opportunity to see the show otherwise.

We have worked with our contacts in the outreach departments of organisations including The Young Vic, Soho,  Roundhouse and the National Theatre plus young peoples organisations The Challenge, Islington Community Theatre and a number of youth groups to issue tickets to young people aged 16+ from across London. We have also worked with organisations including synergy Theatre, Only Connect, St Mungos and Clean Break to give the tickets to people who have been affected by the prison system, rehabilitation programmes and homelessness.

Their reaction to the show was overwhelmingly positive and our “West End” audience was uniquely vibrant and diverse as a result of this initiative.

The Tin Solider toured to The Civic in Barnsley and 200 tickets were made available, for free, to children who had previously not had access to this venue.

If you would be interested in donating towards these types of initiatives in the future please email

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