The Shape of the Pain by Rachel Bagshaw and Chris Thorpe

Ros worked with the Director Rachel Bagshaw and Writer Chris Thorpe on an intensive R&D period developing a new play called “The Shape of the Pain”.

The Shape of the Pain is a new one woman theatre show created by Rachel Bagshaw with text by Chris Thorpe, exploring living with chronic pain and how it affects our senses. Using a richly layered, sensory world, it asks how we survive through pain that threatens to destroy our sense of self, but also brings joy in the unlikeliest of moments. The show is based on Rachel’s personal experience of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a severe pain condition, and invites the audience to inhabit this world for a brief time.

The show is a delicate duet between performer and the world of the pain. Sound and lighting combine to create a sensory landscape which evokes the synaesthetic responses to neuropathic pain that Rachel experiences, whilst the text explores what it means to live in a constant physical state of emergency. The Shape of the Pain is an exciting collaboration bringing together some of theatre’s most exciting artists to explore the extremities of the human experience.

Supported by The Wellcome Trust.

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