American Justice by Richard Vergette – Arts Theatre West End


We discovered American Justice (previously titled As We Forgive Them) at the 247 New Writing festival. Seeing its HUGE potential and falling for it entirely, we followed its journey to the Arcola and pounced on writer Richard Vergette to work with him and dramaturg Lisa Forrell to develop the piece for a larger stage.

The show performed at The Arts Theatre  and audiences went nuts for it.

See a slice of the action and audience reaction in our AMERICAN JUSTICE TRAILER

American Justice Ryan Gage and David Schall Photo courtesy of Robbie Jack

American Justice Ryan Gage and David Schall Photo courtesy of Robbie Jack


The Times **** Under Lisa Forrells careful direction the three central performers convince…GRIPPING… a sharp thoughtful evening in the West Ends most moderately priced theatre.

Evening Standard ****  Its a visceral life-force of a performance from the quixotic Gage.. THOUGHTFUL and GRIPPING…Director Lisa Forrell keeps everything spinning suspensefully. I can already envisage a Hollywood film. **** Ryan Gage excels, displaying a wonderful mix of malevolence and earnestness

Independent Powerfully acted production…tense, thought provoking

A Younger Theatre **** Richard Vergette’s thrilling play soars to levels of bone-chilling intensity

West End Frame **** Full of surprises and a superb cast. American Justice is NOT TO BE MISSED

A3 face each other_B


Richard vergettes play is set in contemporary America and intertwines the life of a US congressman with that of an illiterate and violent convict.

John Daniels is elected to Congress when Barack Obama comes to power, but then his life is turned upside down when his daughter is killed in a random shooting.

The criminal, Lee Fenton, is sentenced to death but Daniels appeals for clemency and offers to educate the boy. What are his motives? What are Fentons?

As Obamas second term draws to a close in the drama, the truth about both men is revealed.

Lisa Forrell directs, Cast includes Ryan Gage, David Schaal and Peter Tate.

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